I believe God has an amazing plan for mankind, the body of Christ, America, and the students here at Willamette Christian School. I love talking about, learning about, and praying about God’s heart for us. 

In History class we’ll talk about the foundations of our democracy, the understanding our founders had about human nature and how they built systems to guard against and benefit from that nature; the compromises they made; the blindspots they had; and how that all unfolded up to the present day. We’ll honor those who’ve gone before us and try to learn from their mistakes and try to identify modern day attempts to commit those same mistakes.

In Bible this year we are going to start in the book of Genesis and celebrate God and His plan all the way through the Old Testament. We’ll talk about the fact that God is love, Jesus is Lord, God is consistent in both the Old and New Testament, He has an amazing plan for you and the world. It’s going to be a good year.

About Me


I grew up as a pastor’s kid in the smallish town of Fort Dodge, Iowa. Some facts about Fort Dodge: Fort Dodge is famous for mining a lot of gypsum and making a lot of Mighty Dog dog food. Additionally, Fort Dodge is the place where Lizard Creek meets the Des Moines River. That’s probably not interesting at all, but it is a fact nonetheless. If you’re the kind of person who likes facts you might also consider that Herbert Hoover, John Wayne, and Harrison Barnes were all born in Iowa. And Wyatt Earp lived there for a short time! “Wow,” you might say, “I if I was surround by such a rich cultural heritage I don’t think I could ever pull myself away.” And a lot of people think like you do, but Oregon was calling. 

When I was in high school my family moved here to Eugene where I graduated from Churchill High School. I excelled in Yearbook and was mediocre on the Ultimate Frisbee team.  I earned an Interdisciplinary Studies degree from Eugene Bible College (now New Hope Christian College) and a Masters of Business Administration from Northwest Christian University. Having mastered business, I spent 5 and a half years working as journalist/producer/host for a local radio station. But you can only spend so long talking to people you can’t see. So eventually, I changed gears and wound up at Willamette Christian School. This is my third year teaching here and I am very excited about it.

 When I’m not teaching I spend a lot of time reading, drawing, trying to learn guitar, running, cooking, drinking coffee, and cheering the Edmonton Oilers on to certain victory.