Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Second Grade at Willamette Christian School! Second Grade is an amazing year of polishing the skills learned in First Grade, learning new things that will take them forward in Second Grade, and learning to become independent. It is a privilege to be your child’s teacher for this coming school year.

The 2017-2018 school year marks my 4th year at WCS and several years of teaching overall!  I love teaching and I love children! I enjoy their curiosity, enthusiasm, ability to learn at individual paces, and the love of the Lord’s Word.

In Second Grade we will continue to build on the strong academic foundation your child has in reading. We expand this learning with a strong, concentrated SuperKids program, along with a wealth of amazing reading books. In our math learning, the children will proceed with math skills of addition, subtraction, place value, problem solving, multiplication, and division. Our history lessons will cover early American and Cultural History. Our Science lessons will cover where things live, how they work, and much more. Throughout all of our learning, the purposefulness and awesomeness of God will be revealed.

Our greatest goal in learning will be growing in relationship with Jesus. We will be studying the Word of the Lord and learning how we apply it to our daily lives.

I look forward to working with all of you. It is a blessing to work in an atmosphere based on Christian values. See you in September!

Yolanda Fields