School Lunch Program

We are pleased to offer tasty, well-balanced, and nutritious meals to our students, staff and visitors. Including, a daily salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables. All lunch and additional beverage tickets must be purchased in advance in the school office, online, before or after school. 

We can accommodate any dollar amount that suits your budget. Kitchen staff will track student lunches. Please call the office to check on your student’s balance. #541-686-8655.

At WCS, we follow the MY PLATE lunch plan. A summarized explanation of MY PLATE is found in these simple rules:

  • A little over a quarter of my plate should be made up of veggies
  • The remainer of the veggie side should be made up of fruits.
  • A little over half of the other other side of your plate should should be made up of grains.
  • At least half of the grains on my plate should be whole grains.
  • The rest of the grain side should be made up of proteins.
  • The proteins on my plate should be lean and not loaded with sodium
  • Dairy products should represent the smallest portion on my plate
  • More information, tips, and detailed guidelines can be found at
  • When you pack a lunch for your child, please follow these guidelines as much as possible. We will do our best at school to ensure that your child is encouraged to develop long-lasting, healthy habits.