Dear Parents,

Welcome to the fourth grade!  My name is Mrs. Mitchell and I will be your student’s teacher for the 2017-18 school year. I have been teaching for over twenty-five years, seven of which have been with my Willamette Christian School family.  I have enjoyed the field of education and the opportunities it gives to meet so many wonderful families and their children.  I have a passion for teaching and getting involved with my classes so that the students will enjoy learning.  We will do many fun activities to make our subject matters come alive and join together with a Christ centered perspective. I am fascinated with the world God has given us, and the opportunity it gives for us to learn, experiment, and getting our hands dirty; all the while having fun learning new and exciting material.

Your fourth grader will have an exciting and busy year.  We will study our very own state of Oregon extensively: its history, government, people, regions, and important landmarks.  We will take several field trips to places of interest including the Capitol Building, Dorris Ranch, and the Brownsville Museum. One of my favorite projects is making a paper maché map of Oregon and a travel brochure of the different regions within Oregon. Fourth grade is a year of many new discoveries for every student.  Bible, language, math, science, and reading all hold exciting discoveries.

Your child will have the opportunity to create several book reports that will be much more engaging than the standard protocol, by incorporating art, creativity, and a unique take on the writing process.  We will make wanted posters, a rocket ship, a story quilt, and a cell phone report.  These projects all bring the characters and stories alive for your student!

It is my hope to become acquainted with each new family this school year.  I welcome parent volunteers in the classroom and on field trips to foster a creative and family-friendly environment.  We will have a great year together.


 Mrs. Mitchell